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For three decades, we‘ve worked hard to create a team culture where we can help Kiwi companies build the software they need, free from constraints around scale and skills.

Peter Vile

Chief executive officer

Scaling since 1993

Originally founded as Augen in 1993 at the beginning of the software revolution, we rebranded to CodeHQ in 2021. Over the years we’ve worked with some of New Zealand’s most innovative companies and we’ve built our success on a commitment to build a culture where people can thrive and deliver.

We were the one of the first Kiwi companies to invest in offshore outsourcing in 2005 and today we have over 80 developers, QA specialists and engineers on-demand. To us, it’s more than just technical ability. We look for problem solvers who love to collaborate so they can fit seamlessly into your own team.



The foundations that built our reputation remain – client-centric, people-led and solutions-oriented. We focus on a partnership approach because no two clients’ needs are the same. We believe in getting close to your business so we can best deliver for your business.

Our leadership team is hyper-aware that global and local challenges are constantly creating dynamic opportunities for businesses. They’re committed to ensuring highly skilled outsourcing is a significant advantage for our clients.


Peter Vile

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Hibbert

Chief Technology Officer

Jacqueline Freeman

Chief Revenue Officer

Winston Chow

Chief Talent Officer

Angela Tobin-Vile

Chief Finance Officer

Tam Ho

Vice Director Vietnam



Our offshore and onshore talent pool gives you the flexibility to stay ahead in the market.

Offering blended teams goes beyond outsourcing – we believe in partnerships where our team becomes your team.

We sit with your development team, sharing expertise and delivering code that meets your expectations of quality and consistency.


We'll help you create software solutions that help you be more efficient, be more effective and stay ahead.

We've worked with a large cross-section of NZ technology and SaaS businesses which have all benefited from our flexibility, lateral thinking and speed-to-market focus.

We pride ourselves on working with your team to deliver a cost-effective solution that’s fit for your customers.

Custom Delivery

CodeHQ designs, builds and delivers tailored software that solves your business challenges. 

We deliver value by being part of your team and working in a way that’s aligned to your business.



Our HQ at the B:Hive building has a 5 Star NABERSNZ Base building rating.

Our fit-out has been designed with sustainability in mind through clever design and a careful selection of products. We expect the fit-out to have a life space of 20 years with minimal refurbishment required, likely limited to replacement of workstation tops, and replacing fabrics. Over a 30–40 year timeframe we are confident we will reduce the waste going to landfill by 50+% while still maintaining a very high-quality office environment.

Over 80% of the hot water used in our ‘end of trip facilities’ is heated by the sun. Data is analysed from real-time water meters to provide early indication of leaks to ensure water is used as efficiently as possible

Waste streams are separated into general waste, recycling and compost and data is collected on each. We have e-waste and battery recycling.

CodeHQ promotes a paperless office and we provide our people with glass water bottles.

CodeHQ promotes a Work from Home policy.



Giving support in our community is particularly important to us. Every year we hold a vote with our people: What cause matters the most to them? We take a two-pronged approach on how we can impact our society.

Our people voted and selected I AM HOPE which aims to promote positive attitudinal societal change around mental health throughout New Zealand, offering hope and a voice to young people. We supported Gumboot Friday, donating and doubling our people’s individual donations. Our people painted gumboots and got out to raise awareness and encourage community involvement.


Previously we have supported undergraduate mentorship via NZITP, Auckland University Project Sponsorship and NZ Tech: EdTechNZ / ShadowTech Day / ShadowTech Teachers / TechWomen.