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Quality software comes from smart people and a responsive approach to problem solving. We set the bar high.

Mike Hibbert

Chief Technology Officer


We’re experts at rapidly assembling effective teams unachievable locally. With a talent pool across all disciplines at your disposal, lead times can be as low as six weeks. Our always-on recruitment means we have a flexible talent pool across New Zealand and Vietnam, mapped by skillset, experience, etc. We can manage the team and communication so you can focus on what’s important.


We know every business, every client and every project is unique. So, we invest time listening and understanding your business and project objectives to create the right team solution. Cultural and flexibility fit are just as important as technical skills.

Kent Huang, Project Manager

Our Services

We are passionate about delivering quality software outcomes to meet your technology needs.

We engage at any level, from Management & Strategy Consultancy to Solution Architecture / Planning / Project Services & Technical Leadership, to Technical & Support Services.


  • Solution consulting
  • Architecture
  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • Integration
  • Development
  • Testing services


  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Database
  • Middleware
  • Enterprise software development


Service Experience

  • Enterprise Development
  • Web Development / Mobile
  • Customer Portals / Employee Portals
  • Systems Integration
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Product Support & Maintenance
  • Data Migration & Validation
  • Software Evaluation / Audit
  • Technical & Management Consultancy
  • Agile & Traditional Project Management


  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Design & Development
  • Software Testing & Deployment
  • Automated Build / Deployment / Testing

Technology & Certifications

  • Angular, React, Vue.JS, Blazor, Web Assembly
  • C#, Java, Python, Node.JS
  • MS SQL Server, MySQL, Dynamo, Postgres, Mongo, Cosmos
  • Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
  • Kafka, Azure Service Bus, AWS message technologies
  • Microservices, Monolith & more
  • Automated Testing; Selenium, Cucumber,, Protractor, JMeter
  • Prince2 & Scrum Master Certifications


  • Banking, Finance & Insurance
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Building
  • Health & Social Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Software Innovation
  • Plus, many others